Project by Project

Training Material & Enterprise Development

ASHA Trust Training

Our materials development team have conceptualised and published a financial management training programme for people with little formal education, as is the case with our home-crèche owners.

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C.A.R.E. Course

C.A.R.E. Course Manuals ASHA Trust

Our trainers have rolled-out the ASHA C.A.R.E. programme with over 300 home-crèche owners and practitioners. This course addresses both the children’s needs and a centre’s administrative functions.

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Bram Fischerville Centre of Exellence

ASHA Trust Bram Fischerville Creche

ASHA Trust opened a magnificent centre of excellence and outreach for ECD in Bram Fischerville in 2010. At this skills development centre we run a model pre-school and an adult education programme which equips ECD practitioners, from the surrounding home-based crèches, with skills and knowledge.

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Hollard Foundation Mid-Vaal Project

Hollard Foundation Mid-Vaal Project ASHA Trust

ASHA Trust is one of three service providers working on the Kago Ya Bana Project which is funded by the Hollard Foundation in the Mid-Vaal district of Gauteng.

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